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About Us

About Bestchrom

Professional chromatography medium supplier
Founded in 2008, Boglong is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing high-quality chromatography media for separation and purification. It is one of the earliest companies in China that has the ability to mass-produce separation and purification media. The products provided by Boglong cover various types of separation and purification media, pre-packed columns, laboratory and industrial production-grade empty columns, and microcarriers. It also provides separation and purification process development services and filler customization.
After more than ten years of technology precipitation and production line construction, the company currently has three major R&D platforms for base frame development, chemical ligand development, and protein ligand development, and has built three major production platforms for glucose base frame production, agarose base frame production, and polymer base frame production.
At present, the largest single batch production scale is 1,100L, and the product batch difference is extremely small. It can ensure the quality, quantity, fast and stable supply of separation and purification media required by biopharmaceutical companies, and ensure the safety of the medium supply chain for companies producing antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, recombinant proteins, peptides, blood products, enzyme preparations, natural products, etc. Boglong will continue to innovate and provide biopharmaceutical companies with more high-quality, stable and easy-to-use new products to help customers improve their core competitiveness.

ISO9001Quality Management System

This is ISO9001Quality Management System
  • 1
    Raw Material Testing:

    •Check certificates for all materials

    •Establish supplier management left documents database

    •QC testing for every batch of raw materials received


  • 2
    Finished Products Testing:

    •Guarantee regulation obedience during the whole production process

    •Sample testing for semi-finished and finished products


  • 3
    Other Inspections and Testing:

    • Inspections on batch, products stability, packing materials

    • A database including more than 400 documents, 130 tables, and records.

    • Independent sample rooms dedicated to sample inspection

    • Quality tracing & performance stability study.


Production Scale

The company possesses five Agarose production lines(the largest outputs can reach 1100L), three dextran production lines and two protein ligand production lines(2T line and 5T line). 2020Annual output outnumbered 80000L
Production Platform
R&D and Production Platforms
R&D and Production Platforms
Protein ligands platform
Protein ligands are recombinant proteins specifically interacting with target molecules. Bestchrom affinity resin ligands enjoy a wide range of alkaline tolerance and binding spectrums. Based on self-reliant technology, Bestchrom recombinant ligands including Protein A, Protein G and Protein L can be coupled with matrix in various bead size and rigidity to meet customer application needs in terms of antibody and Fc fusion protein purification.
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