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Support & Solutions
Bestchrom purification technology and products have been applied in the following fields:
  1. Antibody: Monoclonal antibodies and poly-antibodies of animal origin.
  2. Vaccines: Animal vaccines and human vaccines.
  3. Insulin: Animal-derived insulin, recombinant insulin, and insulin analogues.
  4. Recombinant Proteins: Recombinant proteins derived from plants, insect cells, CHO cells, colibacillus and yeast expression systems.
  5. Plasmid: For various applications, including therapeutic proteins, enzymes, and industrial chemicals.
  6. Oligonucleotide: Enables its isolation for a variety of DNA and RNA research and applications.
  7. Milk Proteins Separation: The process of separating and isolating the different proteins present in milk, including food production and analysis.
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