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Customized Resin

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Technical Services
Customized Resin
Meet customer demand with unique solutions
The customization of agarose resins is our flagship services, and we develop various custom resins that meet the unique challenges of our clients.
Bestchrom's custom product range is the result of our extensive research, expertise, and production technology capabilities with precision control of various parameters. Our custom range also includes agarose beads of various sizes with appropriate separation properties.
Customized Resin
Customization Process
  • Technical Communication
  • Evaluation and Citation
  • Lab-scale Prototype
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • Large-scale Production
  • Project Completion
Customized Resins
Parameters that can be customized
Why wait?
Get customized today.
Contact us to talk with our experts, who can guide you in every step on the way to successful customization by leveraging their R&D experience and know-how. Email us today and never miss the opportunity to turn your ideas into the most tailor-made product/service at the best cost-efficiency.
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Customized Resin - Bestchrom
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