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Bestchrom purification technology and customized products have been applied in the following fields:

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Professional chromatography medium supplier
Established in 2008, Bestchrom Biosciences Ltd. is a professional manufacturer focusing on providing high-quality chromatography resins and resin-based services and solutions. We are a leader in resin-based separation of China with the capability to produce chromatography resins on bio-process scale. Bestchrom offers a wide range of separation resins, pre-packed columns, lab and process scales empty columns, microcarriers, and customization services. After more than a decade’s technology accumulation and production practice, the company has established R&D and production platforms for various portfolios, including agarose resin, dextran resin, monodisperse polystyrene/divinyl styrene polymer resin, polystyrene/divinyl styrene polymer resin with high flow rate, large pore size and through-hole as well as protein and chemical ligands.
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